Wednesday, August 24, 2016

That's A Wrap!

That's A Wrap! 
written by Nicholas Connolly 
photography by Brit Rivera

Our Scotland experience is at its end and we are all home. It feels so great to leave this beautiful country with a heart full of pride over what we have accomplished in the past sixty days. I'm so proud that we were able to share such a beautiful, important drama with Scotland and I'm so proud of the feedback that we received. It is refreshing to leave this show in Edinburgh knowing that we gave it our all and it actually payed off. While we were not sharing this story for publicity, it feels so good to be recognized by the Scotsman, BroadwayBaby, and to receive countless positive reviews.

However, when I think back to my time in Scotland, I'm not going to think of the awards and the accolades that we have earned. I'm going to picture how a group of 18 students can turn into family. I'm going to picture our group in the pouring rain in Glenelg or the thousands of other small yet significant memories that we have made. While this trip has had its ups and downs, looking back over the past two months, all I can do is smile. This trip has forever changed me and I have grown in so many ways from the experience of the Fringe Festival and from all of the life experience that one gains from living abroad.

I'm going to miss this trip, these people, and our story that we were so fortunate to tell, but I am so excited to bring this show back to Malibu in April. I'm excited for American audiences to see Karen's story because I feel like this is a very necessary and important show, especially in America.

Thanks for the memories, Scotland.

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