Thursday, August 11, 2016

Our 70 Minutes

Our 70 Minutes
written by Alexandria Rose Garrett
photography by Brittney Lucy

There are 1440 minutes in a day.

I could easily list 1440 things that I have learned while being here in Scotland, but I would never do that to someone. Instead, I will tell you the one thing that has Scotland has taught me that I will never be able to forget:


Sometimes you show up to an experience and you aren’t sure of what to expect. That has certainly been the case in my journey abroad. I have grown into a stronger performer, company member, and person and that is thanks to each and every individual who I am traveling with. I have learned so much about strength, patience, professionalism, and work ethic from my 20 peers. From the late nights of working on the perfect sounds to the short 4 hours of programming a 70 minute show's light cues, I feel like I’ve seen it all. I have seen company members showing up to rehearsal despite staying up all night with fevers and coughs, I have seen company members walk into the room ready to work even though life back home is less than ideal. Every day I am humbled by the passion I am surrounded with.

Because of these people, this program, and this experience I have fully found myself… or at least this most recent version of myself. This program, the Pepperdine Scotland Program, has taught me more about myself than I ever knew possible. It’s taught me how to do my job. I’ve learned that whatever else is going on in the other 1370 minutes of my day, the 70 I spend onstage with the people I share a special understanding and bond with — those are what count. The 70 minutes of home I feel onstage are what will stay with me years after I’ve left The Fringe.

I am endlessly thankful for these weeks I have spent growing in Scotland and as I enjoy my remaining 12 days here I will continue to ask myself what I will do to ensure that the story this company has so graciously been given to share in 70 minutes is told truthfully, honestly, and completely.

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