Sunday, July 31, 2016

Calling All Women

written by Brittany King
photography by Brittney Lucy


Strong, beautiful, broken women,

We live in a society where men have more power. We grow up gaining our wisdom into dating and relationships from rom coms and Taylor Swift songs. We learn the "game" we must play and train ourselves to become the most promising competitor. We numb the emotions we feel to avoid seeming "crazy", "desperate", "needy", all of which we've been told stems from hormonal imbalances.

Strong, beautiful, broken woman.

I want to tell you, in case no one has, that there is no fatal flaw in the way you operate. You were made to be the heart of this world. Your love and need were perfectly designed by a Creator who knit you together in your mothers womb and knows the number of hairs on your head. You are seen. You are understood.

You are so deeply loved.
I beg you to live out your truth with boldness and vulnerability. To let yourself feel and be the things that make you a woman. To let your love and vulnerability heal calloused hearts. To remember that you are not your relationship status. You are not your hookups. You are not lost and there are men in this world that are strong enough to be in partnership with women, allowing them to be the unique addition to society, family, and relationships that only they can be (and even further: recognize their desperate need for us).

While you are waiting and learning, you must know that you are under no obligation to do anything you don't want to do, ever. Please trust that what you deserve exists. Don't let fear drive you to betray yourself for a man who is broken and full of hurt. 

You, you caring and sensitive woman, are the only person who can lead your life.

You must not forget yourself, your dreams, your passions, your faith, your quirks, your me-time, your favorite foods, your education-- for anyone. Trust that just being completely you will be the sail that guides you exactly where you are intended to be.

And most importantly, woman, be there for other women. We need you.

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