Friday, March 4, 2016

Introducing Pepperdine Scotland 2016

Hi everyone,
It's been a while, so welcome back to returning visitors and hello to all our new readers!  We're just finishing up script development in Malibu with Lynda Radley and Michael John McCarthy.  It's been a fantastic week and we're all really excited about Lynda's new play, The Interference, which we'll be premiering this summer.

First readthrough: The Interference by Lynda Radley
Lynda and MJ and I met the 2016 Pepperdine Scotland company for the first time this week and they are a pretty fantastic bunch.  We can't wait to introduce you to all of them in Glenelg, Glasgow, and Edinburgh - I have a feeling the time will be upon us sooner than any of us realise.

In the meantime, I'm helping the 2014 group hand this blog over to the new ensemble so you'll get a chance to hear from the 2016ers here
very soon.  I think you'll be impressed.

-Alex Fthenakis

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