Tuesday, August 19, 2014

On The Set With Cora Bissett

If asked to summarize Cora Bisset’s Roadkill, I’d pick something along the lines of provocative, shattering, and tragic. However, after reading Roadkill prior to our master class with Cora Bissett, it was very comforting to walk into our rehearsal room and see a brightly colored and fashionable woman that would bring to life to our empty rehearsal room with her ideas, sense of humor, passion, and her overall uplifting personality. It was an honor to have had a wonderful and engaging master class with the highly acclaimed musician, actress, writer, and director.

​During this master class Cora Bissett showed us short clips of Roadkill, discussing her choices and reasons for her directorial vision for the production. With the large television screen reflecting actress Ojelade’s cry for help as the cover photo for the play, Ms. Bissett calmly discussed difficult and thought provocative topics with us including her own personal story that influenced her to write Roadkill. Also she shared how people initially reacted after seeing the intimate apartment staged play and finally, she shared her upcoming project which speaks against female genital mutilation.

​After the master class, the Company and I attended a poetry reading by the legendary Liz Lochhead at The Tron Theatre in Glasgow. Even there, the room suddenly brightened as Cora Bissett entered to enjoy and support her fellow theatre artist.

-Karolina Keach

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