Monday, August 18, 2014

Long Live the Fringe

We are in the midst of our last performances of Forget Fire, and it is impossible not to feel nostalgic. This show has been rewarding in so many ways, and truly has pushed our creativity boundaries, enlightening us all to think of theatre in a new way. I think that before coming to Scotland, I put theatre in a box. You get a script, get a part, rehearse, perform and then on to the next. But alas! It is so much more... Theatre is meant to share something with the audience, a feeling, a message, a metaphor. It can break past conventions and explore topics and issues from every angle. I honestly think my experience at the Fringe these last two weeks have been some of the most inspiring days of my life. My typical days these weeks have been: wakeup, perform, see show, see show, eat, see show, see show. I cannot convey how much I’ve learned as an actor from seeing all of these wonderful performances. Theatre is alive and thriving and breaking through boundaries here at the Fringe, and that is something so rare to experience this day in age. Actors are everywhere bustling through the city selling their show and coming to ours, it feels like a family. This is a place where Actors can come together and share their work while learning so much from everyone else at the same time. It’s incredible! I am so excited to journey back to Malibu with my fresh mindset on how alive and tangible theatre is. Long live the Fringe! 

Natalie Hovee

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