Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Whisky Kisses and Haunted Hotels: Pitlochry and Dunkeld

View from the Royal Dunkeld
After spending a week in Glenelg, a rural part of Scotland, we have made our way to a slightly (but only just) more urban part of Scotland: Pitlochry. While we only stayed for a day, it was quite an eventful one at that. We spent our day seeing two shows at the Pitlochry Festival Theatre: Whisky Kisses, a musical, and Perfect Days, a play. This was my first time seeing live Scottish Theatre and I had no idea what to expect. Perfect Days was a drama about a woman who has decided that, at the age of 39, she wants to have a child, but there is one problem…she doesn’t know who to have a child with. Full of twists and turns comparable to that of a daytime soap opera, this show was surely entertaining to say the least. Whisky Kisses was next, a musical comedy about a Scottish distillery that is closing its doors and auctioning of their last bottle of their most prized whisky, the “Glenigma”. Two bidders battle it out for the whisky, in the mean while finding love and friendship along the way. Whisky Kisses was packed full of memorable moments and laughter. It is something that I am positive I, and the rest of the Company will never forget.

The company "On the road again!"
That evening we went back to The Royal Dunkeld Hotel. The hotel was enchanting. It reminded me of a Scottish “Disney’s Haunted Mansion”, full of plaid carpet, eerie black and white photos from many years past, and a creepy toy doll that roamed the halls. I swear I heard a yelling in the middle of the night, but I brushed it off as someone outside just being loud. The next morning company members Natalie and Karolina tell me that a staff member from the hotel told them that the hotel is haunted and known to have weird happenings in Room 306…exactly two rooms away from where I was sleeping that night! Were some ghosts roaming the halls that night? We will never know, but it definitely added to the vibe of The Royal Dunkeld Hotel!

While we only got one day in Pitlochry, it was definitely a memorable one full of entertainment, laughter, whisky kisses, and a little spook. Now, off to more rehearsals and the start or classes!
- Tasia Jungbauer

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