Friday, July 25, 2014

An Open Table

What is theatre exactly? How do we define it? Should we define it? Is it sacred? Or should it be free for anyone to claim as their category? These are the questions I have been consistently confronted with while traveling here. From cheesy musicals, to carnival performances, to poetry readings, to puppet shows, to concerts with political excerpts, this past month has exposed me to a variety theatre-ish-like-things, and have made me rethink the definition of this art form and what that means for my future as a theatre artist.

Embracing the spirit of these new forms of theatre, the Religion class performed a piece composed entirely from verses of the book of John, arranged by their professor Dr. Donald Smith, where they sat with the audience around a long table imitating the communal atmosphere that the disciples and Jesus shared. Here, is a small poem-ish-like-thing which I think is appropriate for describing the experience I had as an observer of yet another theatre-ish-like-thing.
  • Leaving expectations at the door
  • Warm hands, warm faces, warm souls 
  • “Good Morning! Welcome!”
  • A hug, a pat on the back, a grin
  • “Come, sit with us.”
  • A table spread
  • Sit down
  • Someone speaks
  • More speak
  • All speak
  • What they are saying is familiar
  • A Bible mashup if you wish
  • A disco surprise
  • Water to wine
  • Drink! 
  • Loafs of bread 
  • Eat! 
  • Jesus crucified, Jesus survived
  • Rejoice!
  • A floating flute melody weaves 
  • All of us still 
  • Sitting together

-Sarah Lindsley

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