Monday, July 7, 2014

Touring the Necropolis with Donald Smith

Today I went to the beautiful Glasgow and Necropolis and Cathedral. In just one mini field trip I felt connected to a small part of Scottish culture. Donald greeted us with the surprise of none other than another wee walk. Feeling my feet already ache in pain from the memory of Eddie’s adventure I was a little hesitant but I sucked it up and followed him in the Necropolis. It literally had beauty that was deathly.

Walking up the small hill and reading the names that enclosed memories and a lifetime in one tombstone was very powerful. It was in no way a normal graveyard. It carried the stories of many influential people in Scottish history. Once we got past a stinging nettle scare and a couple steep, rocky hills, we reached the top. There we were met by a breathtaking view of Glasgow. Each horizon had a slew of places to see form historic architecture and buildings to the greenest grass only Glenelg can match. That sounds mushy and a little too good to be true, but it was an amazing experience for me. Next, Donald took us on a tour of the Cathedral. The tour took us through a typical traditional medieval Scottish day in the life starting from entering the doors of the massive house of God to the market they would go to after the day was out. There were so many rooms with beautiful ceilings, structuring, and stained glass. His temple, God’s sanctuary was so important that it was built with his beauty in mind, and that is plain profound.

The Theatre and Religion class itself has proven to be quite interesting. Its not the same old religion class were you sit and you listen to countless details you’re bound to regurgitate. Donald has created an atmosphere of creation, collaboration, storytelling, and finding the spiritual in the world of theatre. It strangely (but most likely purposefully) parallels with what we do in rehearsal. I find myself thinking about the things we learn in class and bringing with my in rehearsal and it forms my ideas. I appreciate that and look forward to doing it more as we get closing to making Forget Fire even more tangible.

Jalon Matthews

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