Monday, July 14, 2014

Progress of the Show & Rehearsal

Royal Conservatory of Scotland
Two weeks into devising here in Glasgow finds us, the cast and creative team of Forget Fire, deep in the midst of the creative process. Rehearsals, which are held from 2:00pm until 9:00pm, are packed full of exploration and plot exposition. Now that the early drafts of the script have been created we are all diving into more focused work on the script; building the show piece by piece.

      Working in the room with director Cathy Thomas-Grant and playwright J.C. Marshall, the cast and designers have begun to give the show the much anticipated structure that will become Forget Fire; a process that has, from the onset, been one of collaboration and investigation. 

J.C. Marshall working with the Company
With actors working directly with the director and playwright, the rehearsal room is one of creativity and energy; a safe environment where failure and success go hand in hand. Designers have the unique ability to be in the room as the creation of the show takes place and are able to offer their visual, auditory, and aesthetic eyes as requested to the formation of the show. The set and props are in the rehearsal space and the possibilities are endless. Thus far the show is on its way to becoming that which it has be waiting to be…Forget Fire.

- Paul Dufresne

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