Wednesday, July 16, 2014

An Out of Body Experience

You know those moments in life where it feels as if you’ve floated up out of your body, watching yourself? Or how about a time when something hits you so hard that for a second, it almost takes your breath away? Today was one of those days.

At eleven o’clock this morning, I had the pleasure of attending a master class with playwright Peter Arnott and actress Janette Foggo. Long time collaborators, they tag-teamed to create a dynamic experience for our company. We focused primarily on the relationships between a performer, the audience, and the text itself. As a stunning example, Janette Foggo presented a forty-five minute, one-woman show written by Peter Arnott. In this piece originally intended for pubs, Janette depicts the internal struggles of a woman with little left to hold onto. By the time she was done, many a mouth stood agape. Once we all regained our mental faculties, we were then able to workshop scenes from “The Breathing House.”
Ultimately, much of what we discussed hinged around this statement: “truth is always the most powerful choice on stage.” Simple. And yet, how often do we forget this as artists? As our company continues to create the world of “Forget Fire,” it is my desire that we always keep this truth at the forefront. Every audience member brings a unique perspective to the show. How are we to anticipate what lies within each person’s universe? It is not our responsibility to push answers on anyone, but rather be genuine in our questioning and straightforward in our pursuit of truth.
So, onward Pepp Scotland! Be changed by what you learned today.

-Madison Erceg

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