Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tech Week: The Insider Scoop

Four days, 9-5 we have been building the set, creating the costumes and attempting to bring to life the story of our play "Forget Fire". It amazes me how stylized and detailed the designing is, especially without a script, plot or characters to go off of.

Sarah has created versatile costumes in many shades of grey, blue and brown. The style is almost "grunge" like with many distressed pieces. I spent some time distressing shirts and dresses and helped to make them look worn.

Paul has created an ingenious set design with tripods holding up ropes and umbrellas stuck in between them. This set is to fit into 2 boxes and will be set up in a mere 5 minutes before our show. The colors are grey, dark blue and rustic brown, they are splashed against the umbrellas. This concept symbolizes the connectivity that technology allows. Every human feels connected to each other through their own devices.

Personally, I believe this is a superficial connection. As humans we seek love, acceptance and affirmation. And where in past generations we would seek to fill our "lonely void" by physically interacting, now it feels as if we can spend time with people everywhere just by sitting on our room and looking at Facebook or Instagram. What this new technology called "social media" has really done is made humans less social and less likely to actually seek out face to face interaction. I think that this is very scary and daunting and yet even I can't seem to give up my precious Facebook or Instagram for fear of getting "disconnected". It's a love-hate relationship that everyone seems to have and can recognize. Many people despise the internet for taking away their time and sociability and yet they love the feelings of getting "likes" or posting a new picture. It's almost as if it's an abusive relationship, where technology has it's control over us.

My biggest question is "what's next"? If we are already so advanced 25 years out with technology, how much more control will it gain over our lives. I already see 8 year olds texting on iPhones, and 3 year olds playing on IPads. When I drive through neighborhoods I rarely see little kids playing outside or playing with each other. They are most likely inside with video games or the television... My childhood was filled with neighborhood friends and building forts and climbing trees, I truly fear for the generations below me. Only time will truly tell how much technology has impacted the human and hopefully it's not too late to seek solutions.

I do hope that this love/hate and abusive relationship can be showcased in our play, because I think it is an idea that most everyone can relate to.

Just my thoughts,
-Natalie Hovee

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