Monday, June 16, 2014

Tech Week Begins - Fear of the Unknown

Tech week. The beginning of the beginning of a magical adventure that is to unfold in Scotland. I was not required to participate in tech week as I am one of the actors in the company, however I chose to participate in hopes that it would be a week for me to focus and prep for the journey that would begin the following week.
At work in the Costume Shop
I had been unable to attend the devising workshop over spring break due to another study abroad program. I assumed working on the set and costumes would increase my understanding of the show we would be devising. With my sewing skills I was placed in the costume shop to help prep costumes for the week. The more I learned about the costumes the more I realized how little we have decided. The possibilities of the direction we could take this play is limitless. The designers are forced to create their vision and yet at the same time keep it flexible as we have absolutely no idea what will take place on that stage.

Sarah, the costume designer, had various ways to wear the costumes and there is even the possibility that she could switch costumes between characters as we journey on this devising path. This idea that there are very few limits we have put on this play is a bit frightening and yet exciting. For me this will be a wonderful learning opportunity. I like limits. I like knowing what I am doing. Being creative in an environment of limitless possibilities is challenging for me. In an environment like this trial and error is a beautiful thing.

Already this week I am seeing how being open to trying something and then trying something else until you find the right thing is the only option in an environment like this. While in the costume shop with Sarah I was helping her put together one of the costumes. She would try different pieces together until it all just worked but she wasn't afraid to use pieces in an unconventional way. This idea of freeing ourselves from conventional limits is what we all are going to have to constantly strive for on this trip. We will figure it all out eventually but for now we will all have to be open-minded. This could be a struggle for some – it definitely will be for me. The only thing that can hold us back from devising a memorable piece will be a fear of the unknown. 

 - Chelsey Maus

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