Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Designer's Desk - Scenic

In working on Forget Fire, a devised piece, I am presented with the unique challenge of creating a tangible scenic design based on rather intangible ideas that are in the process of being solidified. I do know that from discussions with our devising team, director, and designers the scenic elements will try to evoke or facilitate the idea of connection between people, objects and ideas.
Ocean Topographic Chart

I am in process on the design presently and have been playing with the idea of expansion; expansion of the network of interactions that all people create during their life time; also the idea of technological lines intersecting the more human strings of connection. I have been inspired by city maps and ocean topographic charts that have both lines and intersection points which are ambiguous enough to create the idea of connection without having to be ultra specific in location. The space that I will try to create is that within communication; inside the telephone wires, in the cloud of virtual storage or connection, within the silence between two people when they know what the other person is feeling or experiencing. A combination of what makes us human and the technology that can help us find connections with those around us. That’s all for now!

-Paul Dufresne

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